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Square One Credit Management was created to help individuals restore their personal credit as well as offer help to business who need credit solutions. We are a financial service company that specializes in credit restoration. We are relentless in our pursuit of raising our client’s credit score to ensure their future is bright.


Our mission is to have our clients achieve financial freedom, through repairing and enhancing their credit score specifically tailored to address each unique situation in an ever-changing credit environment.

Square One Credit management is more than just a company. Our clients are treated like family and we strive to go beyond 100% for each and every one of our customers.

Square One Credit management

How We Work

​From the minute we start working with you we will immediately begin to review your current credit report and develop a custom approach on how we will start removing items to increase your score. Our state of the art credit analyzer can instantly detect any errors that might be affecting your current score. We understand that as everyone in life is different, so is their credit score and credit history. This is not a cookie cutter operation. Yes, you and anyone else can get items removed from your credit. But the difference with us is simple: We are RELENTLESS. We do not defend your name and your credit. We fight until we win. We will go 15 rounds if we have to in order to make sure your credit goes back to SQUARE ONE.

How We’re Different

  1. We “qualify candidates”, and turn away clients that we cannot truly not service.
  2. We provide a “lifetime guarantee” on any items removed.
  3. 15+ year of consumer credit management
  4. Our 2020 average client spends no less than $500 per month and upwards of $1200 in excessive, subprime driven interest rates
  5. Our clients come to us with an average of over 10 negative accounts
  6. Our clients come to us with an average or four years having bad credit.
  7. Our clients come to us with an average of 20 late payments on accounts which cost them $800 a year in fees. THIS would pay for your credit repair.
  8. Our average client after our program saves between $500-1200 PER month
  9. Our client’s avg credit score increase in 90 days is 65 points per bureau. Our client’s monthly appreciation of credit is 5-10 points per month until the scores stabilize and grow at a much slower rate.
  10. Our clients save on average $6000-$14,400 PER year
  11. Our clients save on average $$30,000- $72,000 over the course of FIVE years.
  12. Our clients save on average $$120,000-$288,000 over the course of TWENTY YEARS.
  13. Your only program choice is D. Do Nothing At All which will continue to keep you in credit prison

Having bad credit doesn’t define your character, but choosing NOT to repair your credit to save your family thousands per year does. DO NOT choose to pay your creditors and lender over your own family.

MAKE THE CHOICE to work with the most sought after professional credit management firm. With our services, you will get MUCH MORE than credit repair. You will leave our program with:

  • A higher credit score means more money in your pocket by saving on ALL interest rates from Credit Cards, mortgage rates, auto loan interest rates, personal loan interest rates, and the never-ending student loan interest rates and payments. Did you know your car insurance premium is higher with a subprime credit score? If we cannot truly help your situation, we will not take you on as a client. That is a SOCM guarantee.
  • Knowledge of how interest rates work.
  • Effective budgeting to spend or save your money wiser.
  • Advice to guide your children on credit to avoid the challenges you were once faced with.
  • A deep understanding of your financial situation and how your current and future debts work against your weekly income.
  • Credit is not a subject taught in school. Consider us, Square One Credit Management the Harvard of Credit Repair and the tools you will receive with us in our course are unlimited.

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