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Square One Credit Management

Leading the Industry by Focusing on Customers

While some credit repair companies make promises they cannot keep, Square One Credit helps clients improve their credit. We focus on correcting errors, debt management, budgeting, and understanding interest rates. The goal is not a temporary increase in credit score, by a lifelong change.

While some people have bad credit scores because of things like identity theft, the reality is that most credit challenges come from people making the wrong choices. As consumers, we are not given the information we need to make educated choices about credit and debt. That is why Square One takes a comprehensive approach to credit repair. We help fix errors on your credit reports to increase your credit score. We also help clients understand interest, budget, and how subprime credit impacts their financial health.

We help clients escape the financial prison of subprime credit. Our average client spends an extra $500 to $1200 a month because of subprime interest rates and an additional $800 in fees from late payments. Clients who adhere to our program save an average of $6,000 to $14,400 per year. Those savings add up over time. Over 20 years, our clients save an average of $120,000 to $288,000. We get these results because we do more than just fix credit report errors; we help our clients gain financial literacy.

Few people are able to repair their credit on their own. Interest rates, penalties, and late fees combine to make it almost impossible for people to escape from debt after they have passed a tipping point. Debt consolidation and even bankruptcy can help some people but are not viable possibilities for many people. They also come with their own consequences. At Square One Credit, our goal is to help clients escape from the financial prison of subprime credit. We focus on helping clients gain financial literacy, while also challenging negative items on credit reports. We offer a lifetime guarantee on any items we get removed from credit reports. We also help clients budget so that they can pay off debts and avoid excessive debt in the future.

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