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Pandemic-Induced Hardships Are Boosting Demand For Credit Monitoring, Counseling And Repair

Pandemic-Induced Hardships are Boosting Demand for Credit Monitoring, Counseling and Repair

It comes as no surprise to learn that according to an NPR poll taken in September, that in America’s four largest cities, at least 50% of people say they’ve experienced a loss of a job or reduction in wages or work hours in their household since the start of the covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, it should be no shocker that the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a significant spike in the demand for credit monitoring, counseling, and repair. The aftershocks of the virus-induced global shutdown have wreaked havoc on people and businesses. Individuals have tapped out their credit and are experiencing difficulty getting approved for much needed loans. On the other hand, businesses, in an effort to keep their doors open and employees on staff, have maxed out their credit and are still struggling to get funds in.

As life begins to return to normal (the “new-normal” that we’ve all heard so much about) many people are now realizing that in an effort to stay afloat the last 15 months they have gotten themselves into a bit of a hole. People have racked up loans that need to be taken care of, exhausted credit cards that need to be paid, and wound-up with mortgages that desperately need attention. Credit scores are taking a major hit as people are realizing despite the promising direction of the future, the issues brought on in the past year and change aren’t going anywhere. The negative effect the pandemic had on credit and is continuing to have as people everywhere try to reverse the effects of their (necessary) financial decisions, are significant. The impact credit has on quality of life is indisputable, and it makes clear sense why the demand for credit repair services has been on the rise post pandemic. Where there is good credit, there are opportunities.

At Square One, it is our mission to make those opportunities accessible to clients. We firmly believe that the life customers hope to live should not become unimaginable on behalf of bad credit. Our team works to improve credit scores, and open doors for clients. Our main focus is streamlined around repairing credit. Through fixing inaccuracies via error detection and resolution, conducting negotiations with companies, and sharing our expertise, we provide clients with all the tools they need to achieve and most importantly, maintain good credit.

Square One Credit Management is the key to a lifestyle of opportunity. To learn more about our credit solutions and schedule a FREE consultation, simply fill out our online form or give us a buzz today!

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