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Our partners will never refer the commercially available options currently on the internet today. The reason why multi-billion dollar institutional lenders on Wall Street and Mom and Pop banks and mortgage brokers on Main Street refer us their clients is below. Our clients name and reputation is of vital importance and our partners will never refer the commercially available option currently available on the internet today.

Our referral partners are the highest level professionals operating in the Mortgage and Banking industry. The elite movers and shakers who trust us, and so will you while retaining Square One Credit Management services to navigate the complexities and challenges of consumer credit. Take a look below and see the value our firm adds.

Free Consultation
Detailed and structured programs designed for the individuals needs
Outsource to third parties of outside the USA
Designated Client Service Reps
State of the art software to expedite case filings
Bureau direct case filings
FCRA, FDCPA, and CFPB filings (when appropriate)
Debt negotiations - in house
Customized Payment plans based off of one set fee
Credit updates (every 10 days to client)
Credit Building Program
Dispute Removal
Client Referral Bonus Program


If you are looking for the $99 per month company offering the gym membership model disguising themselves in the financial and credit space, we aren’t your firm.

If you are looking for long, drawn out dispute process preying you’re going to get results knowing the price is to good to be true doing more harm than good to your credit, we aren’t you firm.

There is no company that exists that can truly get you results for less money than it costs to initiate true credit results and guidance. These commercial companies are a scam. They bait you in with 99-149 bucks a month, keep you on for 6 months, two years or however long you are willing to get pay for excuses and not results.


You Deserve That New Home, New Car & Lifestyle. We Can Help!

Home Loan Mortgage Credit Repair Company in New Jersey


Since the start of Square One, we have turned over 8,000 renters into homeowners.

Auto Loan Credit Repair Company NJ


The difference between a 500 and 700 credit score is $200 a month in your car payment.

Credit Repair Company in NJ


You can survive with bad credit, but it’s not always easy and definitely not cheap.

How to Monitor Your Credit Score çredit Repair Company


Worried you won’t get approved? Here are the top reasons.


The ONLY concierge credit management firm there is. We are not a credit dispute firm like 99% of our competitive space.


50 years of combined experience across our Key 3 Executives in credit, banking, insurance, real estate and mortgages.


Our advisors will coach you on the best credit practices to continue to grow your credit score and reach optimal credit health.


Our partners trust us. This is why you should as well. We are fortunate enough to work with Multi trillion dollar, large institutional Lenders, Multi-Billion Dollar Residential & Commercial mortgage firms, and regional banks.


These financial behemoths are referring their clients to our firm because they understand our integrity, our no nonsense approach to client success and our overall worth ethic in providing back to them another qualified client and consumer.


We will help you with the steps to take to maintain and continue to improve your credit. Which credit cards you should get, how much credit to utilize and the factors that affect your credit score. We will guide you to achieve the credit you want. 

Best Credit Repair Solutions Company CHEERS TO YOUR
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My credit score is now a 730 and I was able to purchase a home for my family.
I cannot believe that I am a homeowner! I never thought this day would come.
Thank you so much you made my dreams come true!

My divorce was terrible and I could not image myself rebuilding my credit after what had happen.
All I saw was bills on top of bills and I finally picked up the phone and reached out to Square
One Credit Management and they were so great. Thank you so much.

Because of Square One I no longer have to worry about my car breaking
down and paying mechanics to fix it. They got my score up, I lease a car
now and I have a safe reliable car for me and my kids.

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