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Square One Credit Repair

“What Square One Credit Management did for me is something that was a miracle.”

Steven Battiste was one of our 90 fast track program clients.

We asked him a few questions about why he looked into credit repair, what his experience was like working with us at Square One Credit Management, and how his better credit has improved his life. See his answers below:

My name is Steven and I was referred to Square One Credit Management. I was a little skeptical about it but as soon as I spoke to someone it was very welcoming.

What Square One Credit Management did for me is something that was a miracle. The staff was very professional and understood everything I needed. They worked hard and fast. When I asked the price, I was pleased it was very reasonable.

My credit was so bad I just gave up on all hopes of my dreams. Square One Credit Management went straight to work as soon as we hung up the phone. It was a miracle watching Square One do what a lot of other companies say they are gonna do for twice the money and less results.

I would definitely recommend speaking with Square One Credit Management before making any decisions one building credit. They changed my life in 90 days, NOT ONE OR TWO YEARS. At this time, my wife and I are currently looking at houses for sale thanks to Jayne and the whole Square One Credit Management staff.

We are very appreciative. Thank you guys so much for changing my life.

Please if there is anyone who feel like they is no way out, or other companies are charging you an arm and a leg, or you feel like your credit is so bad that is just too overwhelming to even think things can change, I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GIVE THEM A CALL IMMEDIATELY!!

Thank you Square One Credit Management

Steven Battiste and the family

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